What About Wheat?

Specialty Grains, Oilseeds & Pulses
Region Eastman
Farmers Korey

Wheat grown on the Canadian prairies is sought after around the world.  Korey is one of the 50,000 Canadian farmers who grows wheat for domestic and international markets. He farms with his dad, brother, cousin and nephew in south eastern Manitoba.

Family farms across the country are getting larger, but it’s not necessarily because there are less young farmers entering the business. In many cases, it’s the opposite. Young farmers are working together with other family members allowing for more efficient use of equipment and resources.  The number of acres that farmers can manage has also increased because the flat prairie landscape can accommodate large machinery. Technology has improved, allowing farmers to produce more food more efficiently, while reducing their environmental footprint.

Korey is passionate about sharing the story of his family farm with people locally and internationally. He does this by engaging with the public on TikTok and Instagram. He’s also shared his musical talents with important global charities like the Canadian Food Grains Bank.  He enjoys hosting trade missions and international market development events on his farm because they give him an opportunity to connect with the end users of this wheat and to understand exactly what they are looking for.