Think Global Act Local

Specialty Grains, Oilseeds & Pulses
Region Central
Farmers Alex & Andreas

Alex grew up in Manitoba but attended university and obtained his masters degree in France. He was inspired to travel abroad because his parents hosted students on agricultural exchanges each summer. His travels, and the connections made with others specializing in agriculture across the globe, have influenced his decision making now that he’s back home on the farm. Alex manages the day to day operations with his dad, Andreas, and his brother-in-law, Marcus. They are using regenerative agricultural practices, and believe that farmers will play a major role in helping fight climate change. Peas are a pulse crop that are well suited to growing in Manitoba. Farmers like Alex enjoy growing peas because they are part of a healthy crop rotation, and are less reliant on commercial fertilizers than non-pulse crops. Manitoba is also home to two new pea processing facilities, creating local marketing opportunities for locally grown crops.