Sustainable Succession

Specialty Crops
Region Westman
Farmers Sally & Adria

There are many factors that contribute to the sustainability of a farm business. The environment is a major consideration, but farmers would not be effective stewards of the environment without also considering economic viability and quality of life for those working on the farm. Many of the farms we have visited have been managed by the same families for multiple generations; keeping a business in operation for over a hundred years is a major feat. Despite the constant market variability and high stress nature of farming, many highly skilled, well-educated young people are returning to farms across Manitoba.

Sally is a grain farmer from Westman, and she and her three siblings have all returned to work in the family farm business after spending time away, bringing their spouses and young families with them. They credit their success to their parents’ willingness to involve them in the farm early, for having a plan for succession, and for welcoming innovation and opportunities that have created a fulfilling role for each of them.