Modern Farming Allows for Specialized Care

Specialty Chicken
Region Southeast
Farmers Evy & Rod

Evy and Rod are second generation chicken farmers from south eastern Manitoba. They are proud of their accomplishments both professionally and personally, having raised four children on the farm. When she’s not busy in the barns, Evy enjoys spending time in her yard and garden, babysitting her grandkids and being a caregiver to her mom. ¬†As a daughter, mother and grandmother she focuses a lot of time and energy on ensuring everyone in the family has their needs met. Her role as a farmer is very similar. She is in the barn multiple times a day to ensure that the chickens in her care have access to the highest quality feed and water, and that their environment is comfortable and clean. Advancements in modern farming have allowed Evy and Rod to specialize in producing just one product. Because their time and attention is not split between multiple enterprises they can monitor their flock very closely and when it comes to animal care, every detail matters. Evy and Rod are experts at raising high quality chicken for Manitoba consumers.