Looking Beyond The Fields

Specialty Grain
Region Central Plains
Farmers Nicolea

Nicolea farms with her brother, Mark, near Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. She’s growing crops, like canola, on 1400 acres of land that has been in her family since 1948. As a trained agronomist, Nicolea enjoys watching her crops grow and develop throughout the season. She’s also quick to identify signs of stress in the fields and the surrounding environment. Her crops exist within a larger ecosystem that is feeling the effects of climate change.

Using new farming techniques and technologies, Nicolea is always striving to ensure her family farm is sustainable for the future. She recognizes that as a farmer she’s a part of something much bigger. Her farm is home to thousands of century old oak trees that she, and generations before her, have helped maintain. All life on the farm – trees, crops, gardens and grasslands – can sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.