Community Life Embraces Technology

Specialty Turkeys
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Farmers Larry

Larry is a turkey farmer and serves on the board of the Manitoba Turkey Producers, a farmer-directed industry association representing 50 turkey farms in the province. Over forty percent of turkeys raised in Manitoba are raised on colony farms. Larry invited us to his farm and into his community to talk about colony life, and how Hutterite farmers, like him, embrace technology. The turkeys in Larry’s care are living in state of the art barns, where they are free to roam around and always have access to fresh feed and water. All aspects of their health and wellbeing are carefully monitored by Larry and his team.

Recently, Larry and the other members of the Manitoba Turkey board of directors wanted to acknowledge the hard work of health care workers in Manitoba. They donated 500 turkey dinners to care workers in hospitals and care facilities in Winnipeg, Niverville and Steinbach . The health care workers were grateful to be the recipients of a random act of kindness, and everyone enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner.