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We encourage you to post on our page. Great Tastes of Manitoba and it’s accompanying digital channels should be a safe space for respectful and accurate dialogue between consumers of and representatives of the brand and the sponsor organizations. At no time will we condone antagonistic behavior, or the spreading of false or inaccurate information through our channels.

Viewers are welcome to have their own opinions, as long as they are engaging with our brand in a respectful manner, and illustrate that they are or could be consumers of our products.

Great Tastes of Manitoba expects users will not post content that falls into the following categories and reserves the right to remove postings that are:

– Abusive, defamatory or obscene – Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading – In violation of any intellectual property right of another – In violation of any law or regulation – Otherwise offensive – Off topic


Entry deadlines will be included in individual contest posts. Only entries received before 9am on contest closing date will qualify.

Winners will be contacted via the Facebook profile used to submit their entry and must respond within 5 business days of being contacted, or an alternative winner will be selected.

Winner must follow Great Tastes of Manitoba on Facebook to qualify for the drawing.

Winner must reside within the broadcast area of CKY Winnipeg, and must be available to pick up their prize at our office in Winnipeg. Alternately winners can assign a proxy to pick up their prize, and give Great Tastes of Manitoba permission to release their prize to the proxy.

One entry per Facebook profile will be accepted. Multiple posts from the same profile will not count as additional entries.

Contests are open to participants ages 18 and up.

No entry fee, payment or proof of purchase is required to enter.

Contestants must adhere to the terms and conditions above. Absolutely no inappropriate photos or profane text will be accepted, and will disqualify the post from the sweepstakes.

If you are selected as a winner you agree that your name and/or likeness, including photographs may be listed in Great Tastes of Manitoba marketing materials or social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in relation to this sweepstakes.


All episodes of Great Tastes of Manitoba Season 31 were film July 11 – 15, 2020 in accordance with the Province of Manitoba and On Screen Manitoba’s return to work protocols. No public health orders were violated in the filming of this production. The following are some of the measures taken to keep our cast and crew safe during the filming of this exceptional season.


GTOM will facilitate physical distancing measures on set for all employees, contractors, and cast whenever reasonably possible except for brief exchanges. A brief exchange occurs when people are less than two metres apart for less than ten minutes. Designated areas will be taped on the floor to indicate each crew member’s zone. Cast members will stay distant when blocking, and only come together when the cameras are rolling. Cast members will be given the option of putting on their own microphone whenever possible. When physical distancing is not possible; for example, when applying make-up, or between performers, then the employer must provide reasonable risk mitigation measures.

When physical distancing cannot be maintained, appropriate steps must be taken to minimize risk, this may include the use of non-medical personal protective equipment:

2) PPE

Emerging industry standards recommend that at all times when “onset” where actual shooting is taking place, or whenever within 4 metres of cast members (or in Zone 1 when using the “Team and Zone” Approach), non-medical personal protective equipment should be worn by everyone including at a minimum, a face shield and mask. Consideration may be given to the camera operator to remove their shield when operating the camera.

GTOM will supply PPE, but individual crew/cast members are also welcome to bring their own if they have it. It is the individual’s responsibility to clean and maintain it as appropriate. PPE must not be shared.


We will be limiting access to set to only essential crew, cast and kitchen assistants. No outside visitors will be permitted during the filming of Season 31. Traffic will be routed through pre-determined entry and exit doors, and crew will not be permitted to leave/re-enter the premises throughout the day without prior permission from the producer. Call times for food experts/kitchen helpers have been staggered to avoid overlap from 1 episode to the next.


Everyone entering the Great Tastes of Manitoba set must complete the Shared Health Screening Tool prior to reporting to work.

Cast and crew must not report to set if they are sick, they should stay home and seek medical advice as appropriate.

Upon arrival on the set of Great Tastes of Manitoba Season 31 cast and crew will check-in with producers, who will conduct a contactless temperature check. Cast and crew will be required to complete a daily COVID-19 screening questionnaire and to read/sign a pledge to abide by the health and safety protocols set out by Frank Digital.


Frank Digital will provide multiple hand washing (with running warm water) /sanitizing stations throughout the location, this includes at every entrance/exit. COVID-19 signage will also be on display.

Wash hands frequently and thoroughly (20seconds), using hand sanitizer when warm running water and soap is not available. This includes upon entering or leaving the premises, before/after meals, after using the washroom, upon moving into a different workspace.

Sharing of food and personal items will not be permitted.


All workspaces, common areas, especially washrooms, production equipment/supplies and high touch objects must be cleaned and sanitized with Health Canada approved disinfectant that kills viruses, including coronaviruses. This will include at the end of the working day and throughout the working day at appropriate intervals and between use by different people.

Shared equipment (such as props, microphones) will be cleaned/disinfected frequently and after each use.


Buffet style craft service and meal tables will not be permitted. Only coffee and single serve, pre-packaged snack items will be available throughout the day.

Cast and crew will not be permitted to leave the premises during meal times. Lunch will be provided in individually portioned packages. Congregating for meals should be avoided. An outdoor eating area may be made available to a limited number of people at a time, otherwise, meals are to be enjoyed in your designated space.

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