Modern Dairy Farming for the Next Generation

Richard & Michelle are young farmers from Southern Manitoba who enjoy life on the farm with their three kids. Richard grew up on a dairy farm and has known that this was what he wanted to do all his life.Take a behind the scenes look at a dairy farm where they are using the latest technology to help keep their farm sustainable and their herd comfortable.

Manitoba Farm Goes Beyond Sustainability

Brooks White is a 5th generation farmer, still managing the land that his family homesteaded on in 1882. Brooks farms with this wife, Jen, and their “Farmily” in the south-western corner of the province. Like his parents and grandparents before him, Brooks is navigating a constantly changing environment, and using the knowledge and technology available to him to determine how to ensure this land stays healthy and productive for the next generation. He is doing that through the use of regenerative agriculture practices that focus on soil health and biodiversity, as well as improving the carbon and water cycles on this land.

This family strives for more than sustainability. They aim to make long-term positive changes to the environment, and they are selflessly sharing their knowledge and research with a larger community of Manitoba farmers who wish to do the same. The future of #MBFarms is in good hands! Brooks & Jen were the recipients of Manitoba’s Outstanding Young Farmer Award in 2018.

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