Nurturing Nature

Sharing family farm stories in the classroom – Behind the scenes on a Manitoba canola farm

Landon & Heather farm in southern Manitoba on a third generation family farm. They grow a variety of different crops including canola, and they are using all the latest technology to ensure their farm will be around for the next generation. Landon is passionate about sharing the story of agriculture through his work with Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba. Prior to the pandemic, he, and other Manitoba farmers, would visit classrooms all over the province during Canadian Ag Literacy Month. Take a look at this family farm tour!

Nurturing Nature

We have introduced you to a number of farm families this season, and all of them share common values. Andre & Katie Steppler of Steppler Farms are no exception. While balancing their farm responsibilities with raising a young family, they put the health of their herd and the stewardship of the land at the top of their priority list. They are devoted caregivers, and active community volunteers.

It is often said that farming is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle. In the case of this cattle farming family that rings true. Everything they do as a family revolves around cattle. Even their young children get involved, through 4-H, and it is evident that they all love their animals.

These are the faces behind the farm. These are the people who are making safety and sustainability decisions when it comes to the production of #MBFoods. You can rest easy knowing they take the responsibility of nurturing nature very seriously.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the Stepplers!

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