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Farming Is a Marathon

Anastasia and her family farm in southern Manitoba on land that has been in their family for generations.They are as passionate about the health of their crops and their soil as they are about their own health. Anastasia and Myles are busy parents of 3 boys, and they run the farm together working closely with Anastasia’s parents, Reg and Barb. They keep active with all 3 of the boys playing hockey, but they also enjoy hiking and running as a family. Grandpa Reg took up marathon running late in life, but he hasn’t looked back since!

When Urban and Rural Collide: The Story of One Manitoba Farm Family

Toban & Jamie Dyck didn’t always want to be farmers. Despite having grown up on a farm, Toban was eager to leave the small town and make a life for himself in the city. They lived in downtown Winnipeg and Toronto for many years before making the decision to move home to his family farm to try and build a healthy lifestyle that gave them the best of both worlds.

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