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Manitoba Farmers Care About Community

Notre Dame de Lourdes is a small community in the Pembina Hills region of Manitoba. Like many small towns, this community is always looking for ways to grow their population and¬†retain their young people. That’s what prompted a group of community-minded farmers, neighbours, and investors to join together and start a hog farm. Twenty-five years later business is thriving, this diverse community is growing and they continue to focus on producing some of the highest-quality lean protein in the world. We were thrilled to meet Rick, Johnny & many others at a 25th anniversary celebration in June. It was evident that this farm has grown, not only because the people who raise the animals care deeply about what they are doing, but because they have made a positive impact on their community.


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Manitoba Turkey Farmers Give Back During Covid-19 Pandemic

Our Manitoba farmers are known for their generosity. During the Covid-19 pandemic farmers stepped up to help even more than normal. The Manitoba Turkey Producers, an organization representing turkey farmers in Manitoba, were no exception. Learn more about how turkey farmers are helping those in need.


Learn how Manitoba Pork Producers are Committed to Giving Back to their Communities

Farmers from across the province have stepped up to give to charitable causes throughout the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. We spoke to Manitoba hog farmer, Scott Peters about Manitoba Pork’s support of charitable causes and we quickly learned that this was not just a pandemic response initiative, that hog farmers have been supporting those in need of a hand up for a long time.

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