An Animal Care Team

Specialty Hogs
Region Southeast
Farmers Andrea

A lifelong love of animals inspired Andrea to study and pursue a career in the pork sector. She, along with her husband and two kids, enjoy the lifestyle and sense of community that comes with working in agriculture. At the barn, Andrea works with a skilled team of staff and professionals to ensure all of the animals in her care receive nutritious feed, safe living conditions, and global-leading veterinary care. The herd vet is an important member of the animal care team. He visits the barn monthly to ensure that the staff are following the 105 codes of practice established by the National Farm Animal Care Council.  Andrea also works with a swine nutritionist to develop a feed ration (like a recipe) specifically designed for each group of pigs in her barn. The ration includes locally produced grains like wheat, barley, and corn. Vitamins and minerals may also be supplemented, but feed rations never contain added growth hormones. She told us that the nutritional profile of the feed consumed by her pigs is probably more complete than that of her own diet!