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Greek Slow Cooked Turkey Roast on a Pita

6 Hours, 20 Minutes
Prep: 20 Minutes | Cook: 6 hours | Servings: 4-6


  • 1 Granny’s Slow Cooker Turkey Roast



    1 tbsp (15 ml) garlic, chopped

    2 tbsp (30 ml) Greek oregano

    4 tbsp (60 ml) fresh lemon juice

    ¼ cup (65 ml) olive oil

    ½ tsp (2.5 ml) salt



    1 cup (250 ml) Greek yogurt

    1 cup (250 ml) sour cream

    ½ cup (125 ml) cucumber, peeled, seeded and finely chopped

    1 tbsp (15 ml) garlic, minced

    1 tbsp (15 ml) olive oil

    1 tbsp (15 ml) fresh dill, chopped

    ½ tsp (2.5 ml) salt







  • To make Tzatziki Sauce mix yogurt, sour cream, cucumbers, garlic, olive oil, dill and salt, then refrigerate until needed.
  • Mix garlic, oregano, lemon juice, olive oil and salt to make marinade.
  • Remove frozen roast from plastic wrap and place in slow cooker.
  • Pour marinade over turkey roast then cook on low setting for a minimum of 6 hours. When finished, cooker should then switch to warm
  • When ready to serve, remove roast, take of netting, remove skin and chop into large cubes, drizzling extra marinade on top.
  • Serve Greek marinade turkey with warm pita, topping of your choice and Tzatziki Sauce.

Pairs well with Diplomatico Reserva Rum Cocktail:

2 oz Diplomatico Reserva Rum

Lemon Honey from Bee Boyzz Honey

1 oz lemon juice or  2 ounces lemonade*

*If using lemonade this could be made in a batch the night before a party

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